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Embroidered Strap Bucket Bag
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A colorfully embroidered guitar strap makes all the difference to this monochrome bucket bag. Gold-tone hardware and a faux-leather construction bring a luxurious appeal. It even comes with a detachable zip pouch! Color: Brown, Materials: PU, Size: Crossbody Bag: Top Width: 36cm, Bottom Width: 21cm, Height: 28cm, Thick: 11cm, Strap: 116.5cm (Adjustable)Clutch: Top Width: 21cm, Bottom Width: 20cm, Height: 14.5cm, Thick: 1cm, Strap: 62.5cm, Care: N/A

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Stand: 05.08.2020
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Nolia Guitar Crossbody Bag, An Bags Small Shoul...
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Markberg. Innenfutter: 100% Baumwolle. Außenmaterial: 100% Kuhleder. Magnetischer Verschluss. Abnehmbarer Schulterriemen. Verstellbarer Schulterriemen. Vollständig gefüttert. Maße: 23 x 16 x 7.5 cm.

Stand: 05.08.2020
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